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Issue 16

Issue 15

By Witch Eye

A Journal of Feri Uprising

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84 pages


A Feri Lesser banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
by Valerie Walker
Feri Faeries?
by StarChild

The Rite of the Seven Jars
by Storm Faerywolf

Coming Back from Kether
by Valerie Walker
Remembering the Forgotten Warlock
of the 1970's
by Jonathan Nightshade
Drawing from the Wells of Creation:
The Goddesses of the Primal Elements
by Storm Faerywolf
Crafting the Warlock
by Storm Faerywolf
Shiva: Creator, Dancer, and Destroyer
by Abel Gomez

At the Left Hand of the Goddess
by Kerri-Leigh Grady

Alchemical Feri
by Ravyn Stanfield
Poetry Prose Art
For Cora
by Ed Novem Grey
Birth of a God
by Puck

"Come For Inspiration to my deep well"
front cover by Michele Jackson

by Muninn’s Kiss
by Dave Seaman
"The Empress"
back cover by Michele Jackson & SoulFire
Prayers of Iron
by Storm Faerywolf
Learning to Be God
by Devin Hunter
Assorted artwork
by Diana Walker
In Memory of Cora
by Winter Far-Wanderer
  "Dian y Glas, Peacock Lord"
by Chas Bogan
Community: Stories & Opinions

Cora Anderson, Our Community Remembers our F(a)eri(e) Grandmother:

by SoulFire

by Michele Jackson

by Helix

by Aradian

by Farida Fox

core anderson
Pearl Of Great Price
by Onyx
Cora At the Threshold
by Morpheus

Witch Eye: A Journal of Feri Uprising #15

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48 pages


God Herself: A Brief Meditation
by T. Thorn Coyle
The Colors Of Power:
Exploring The Wands Of The F(a)eri(e) Tradition
by Storm Faerywolf

Claiming The Blue Cord: A Feri Self-Dedication Rite
by Chas Bogan & Storm Faerywolf

Hagstones: Entranceways To Dream Magic
by Ray & Swansister
Working With Talker: Riddles
by Valerie Walker
Taking Back Womb Power
by Rising Moon
The Mighty Dead:
Ancestral Practice And Reverence In Feri Magick
by Kathryn Tinuvial
Ghosts In The Machine:
A Comparison Of Triune Brain Theory
And The Three Souls Of Feri Witchcraft
by Shade Fane
Feri As An Embodied Tradition
by Karina
Poetry Prose Art
Aligning: Fire & Breath
by Scarlet Moonfox
My Love Affair With Melek Taus
by Jennie Wiseheart

"Nimue Throned"
front cover by Valerie Walker

Lilith's Call
by Joy Fox

"Black Heart"
back cover by StarChild
by Storm Faerywolf

by M. Rainbow Bast

  Various Drawings
by Diana Walker
Community: Stories & Opinions
Behind The Black Heart: Another Feri
by Mitchell Houston

By Witch Eye:
Selections from the Feri Uprising
Volume One

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256 pages


About 'By Witch Eye, Volume One'

Witch Eye: A Zine Of Feri Uprising began serving the Feri (Faery) Community in 1999 as a venue in which various lines of the tradition passed from Victor and Cora Anderson could come together to express views and to share our magical knowledge. Volume One reprints selected material from the first seven issues (now out-of-print) as well as new material never before published.

What Is The Feri Tradition
by Storm Faerywolf
Black Heart
by Mike Rock

Fertility, Ecstacy And The Roots Of Feri
by Anne Hill

Body-Centered Magick And The Principles Of Breema
by Shaggy

The Three Souls Of F(a)eri(e)
by Storm Faerywolf
Who Are The Guardians?
by Jenny Sill-Holeman
Time Tracel & The Assessment Of Multiple Realitites
by Melissa Pinol
Currents In The Ocean: Exploring The Fluid Nature Of Divinity
by Storm Faerywolf
Working With The Shadow Lover/Frevachi
by Flora Green
Meditations And Movements:
An Exploration Of The Iron Pentacle
by Rhea Shemazi
The Queers Craft:
Rethinking Magickal Polarity
by Storm Faerywolf
Feri Shaman
by Laurel Kadish
Test And Requirements
For The Grand Master
by Cora Anderson
Working Feri In Oz (Australia)
by Rhea Shemazi
The Filipino Faery Faith
by Melissa Pinol
by Hazel Nut
Speak Of The Devil: Part 1
W. E. Interviews Victor Anderson
Speak Of The Devil: Part 2
Cholla Interviews Victor Anderson
God Cellular
by Elisabath Sikie
Towards A Pictish Tree Of Life
by Brian Dragon
Stone//Rose//Wind Centering
by the Pitch Black Witch
What I Know About Trance
by Anne Hill
by Morpheus
The Iron Pentacle: Understanding The Harmonics Of Consciousness
by Storm Faerywolf
Anatomy Of A Witch
by Gwydion Pendderwen
with notes by Anna Korn
by Ian Anderson
Diversity In Feri
by Chas Bogan
Samhain Tide
by Morpheus

Samhain And Beltain: The Two Gates Of The Celtic Year
by Andrada of Vanthe

ALOHA Pentacle:
A Faery Pentacle Exercise
by The Pitch Black Witch

Beyond Toil And Trouble: On The Ethics And Practice Of Hexing In Modern Witchcraft
by Storm Faerywolf

Sensuous Harmony Intersects Violent Austerity: Pentacle Work With Shiva
by The Pitch Black Witch
A Journey For Victor
by Cornelia Benavidez
Prayer To Lono River Of Moonlight
by Storm Farywolf
The Lords Of The Outer Spaces: Notes On The Unusual Guardians Of Feri Witchcraft
by Brian Dragon
The Amthyst Pentacle: Exploring Queer Life Passages As Gateways To Divinty
by Chas Bogan & Storm Faerywolf
The Light Bringer
by Mike Rock

The Kindle Of The Witches
by Bran Mak Morn

Core, Cora, Heart
by T. Thorn Coyle

In Darkness Mirror
by Storm Faerywolf

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The views expressed in Witch Eye do not necessarily reflect those of the editors and/or staff.

Witch Eye is a magazine full of art, lore and discussion
inspired and/or informed by the Feri (Faery) Tradition of Witchcraft.

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